Bayou Lofts in Houston

Bayou Lofts is an excellent community for those who want to live within the ever changing landscape of downtown Houston.

Situated in the famous historical district that is Downtown Houston, 

Bayou Lofts provides its residents with a wonderful sense of the past that is rife with excitement. The lofts occupy the building formerly known as the 1910 Southern Pacific Railroad. The restoration of the building had both the future and past in mind making living in the Bayou Lofts a one of a kind experience.

Houston's Bayou Lofts For Sale

Located at least one block from the founding place of Houston, Allen’s Landing and considered a cornerstone in the historic district of Houston, the Bayou Lofts were formerly known as 915 Franklin Building. It was in the late 1990’s that the owners renovated and converted it into the Bayou Lofts. 

Even though there are 108 different units within the building, each of the units located in Bayou Lofts features exposed brick, hardwood floors and tiled hallways.

Not only that, but renovations have also been made to ensure that all units have new plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems while at the same time retaining many of its historic features. Additionally, Bayou Lofts also offers its residents conveniences such as a pool with a rooftop terrace, a 24 hour doorman and other amenities. 

With these and many other delightful things about the Bayou Lofts and the downtown Houston area, anyone looking for a home within the area would be lucky to find a unit at Bayou Lofts.

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