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Formerly known as the 915 Franklin Building, Bayou Lofts Houston can be located a mere block away from Allen's Landing, the founding place of Houston. It was renovated and converted to a residential building about 15 years ago and is now more commonly referred to by Houstonians as The Bayou Lofts.

Condos and lofts in the building have always been in high demand. But buying a home here now has never become more important than ever before. Why? Let me give you five reasons why.

Houston Real Estate Is Redefining The Value Of Properties Today

Houston is one of the few cities in the country that has been seeing substantial growth over the last few years. In the employment sector alone, over 85,000 new jobs have been added last year with many more opportunities projected to become available this year. This means more people moving into the city which in turn means a higher need for more living spaces.

Buying condos for sale in Downtown Houston is still among the most ideal choices as it is expected to maintain its real estate value over the next few years, while at the same time keeping the advantages of living in one (enumerated below) for the forseeable future.

Bayou Lofts is among the mid- to high-rise buildings in the area, meaning its condos for sale are just as valuable as the ones in other buildings.

Bayou Loft Lies In The Heart Of The City

Ask any property value expert and they will all tell you that “location” is among the primary determinant of a real estate's importance. Bayou Loft, as it so happens, is right at the heart of Downtown Houston.

As I have explained above, Downtown Houston is where all the opportunities within the city are at the moment. Whether you are working here, are looking to work here, or are planning to start a business here, wouldn't it be nice to live in a residential area that is also in the same area your source of livelihood is in?

Downtown Houston is also home to many restaurants, bars, theaters and other establishments for leisure and entertainment. Bayou Lofts is surrounded by a lot of similar commercial establishments.

Bayou Lofts Offer hotel-like amenities and lifestyle

Renovations have been made to ensure that Bayou Lofts condos for sale have proper plumbing, new electrical systems, and updated mechanical fixtures. The interior design of each Bayou Loft Houston condo for sale has been remodeled to fit today's aesthetics preferences and lifestyles. There are 108 different units within the building and all condos feature exposed brick, hardwood floors and tiled hallways.

On top of this, Bayou Lofts Houston residents get to enjoy their own private pool with a rooftop terrace to boot, 24 hour doorman services, and other amenities. This ensures a comfortable lifestyle while at the same time having the pride of living in one of Downtown Houston's more historically significant establishments.

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